Vieira is sick of being overtaken – waiting for a heavy ghost

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Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira was clearly disappointed after being overtaken by Everton in their latest win.

The Eagles are beaten 2-3 by Everton in the Premier League. last Thursday night In such a ufabet game, the visiting team led 2-0 in the first half, but came softly in the second half before losing back out.

Vieira “Disappointed because in the first half we played really good football. and control the rhythm of the game, including tactics We went into the second half with confidence but didn’t respect the game as much as we should in the first half.

“They are slowly entering the game. The first goal awakened the crowd and it became difficult for us. The game became a battle and we couldn’t cope.

“We lost control. in terms of tactics and techniques We can’t keep the ball or move fast enough. It becomes difficult to create opportunities. We couldn’t score the third goal. and they come back We have to play with more maturity. But that’s what we have to do to be a better team.

“In the last game [at home to Manchester United] we wanted to finish in the highest position. The fans at home are really nice to us. and backing the team We have to give what they deserve with a really good performance.”