Vertout rouses his team return best form

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Roma midfielder Jordan Vertout has urged the team to return to their best form at the start of the season. Ready to encourage the team to strengthen the army better to improve the team.

Roma have won only one of their last five games in Serie A. It was the opposite result of the first seven games with six wins, tying the top of the table alongside Napoli and AC Milan.

“We dropped in after a good start. But the season is still far away This season’s goals remain unchanged. The Champions League area is just three points away.”

“Mourinho is a real winner. Suitable for Friedkin’s big project at Roma, he can always motivate you to help the team 200 per cent. It is up to us to find the same spirit we had at the start of the season.”

In addition, off-field matters are still a problem after Jose Mourinho, a Portuguese trainer. He blamed the team’s performance in the 1-6 defeat at Bodo-Glimt in the Europa Conference League and the 2-2 defeat by Venezia in Serie A, and also referenced the policy of Strengthen the club’s poor army

Vertout added that “This is an ambitious project that cannot be built in a day. It’s normal to take time. and signing new players to further develop the team.”