The pop star was pleased with Klopp ‘s theme of cheering

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Dua Lipa, a beautiful young Liverpool fan, revealed during her tour of Merseyside. that he was impress that his own song One Kiss became an unofficial cheering theme for the ufabet team and wished boss Jürgen Klopp all success this season.

Lipa was born and raised in London , England, but because her father is a follower of ‘ The Kop ‘ , thick blood therefore influenced her to cheer for Liverpool as well and had the opportunity to perform in the 2018 CHPL final in Kiev. Ukraine Even that time, ‘ Klopp ‘s team lost 3-1  to Real Madrid .

But what Dua did back was the downfall of supporters of ‘ The Kop ‘ , a hard- bodied man who didn’t seem to like her type of pop to follow as a fandom. and took the song ‘ Wan Kiss ‘ to sing and enjoy in the stands ever since.  

which when having the opportunity to play a concert at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool  On Friday (local)  sent a message thanking the ‘ Reds ‘ fans for using the music to connect. I hope to have the opportunity to be invite to play a show celebrating 4 champions of the 2021-22 season during the summer .

Backstage , Jamie Carragher, the legendary football player of the Champions League 2005 , sneaks to meet Dua and his father with a Liverpool shirt , screen number #1 , embroidered with the name of Lipa, accompanying the caption.   “Possibilities,” (Possibly ) , which is the lyrics to ‘ One Kiss, ‘ means we have a chance to win four titles this season.  

For the odds – second to win 4 champions of Liverpool. The latest Sky Bet , the legal gambling club of England. He has been reduce from 7/1 ( bet 1 pays 7 , not including capital ) to 6/1 ( bet 1 pays 6 , not total capital )