Manchester United fans will always remember us Giuseppe Rossi

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Memories of the striker through the underworld “Giuseppe Rossi” who still has good memories with Manchester United. Whether it’s his debut for the first time in his life, polishing his footsteps in England, and Nemanja Vidic‘s medal!!

In an interview with the UTD Podcast by Giuseppe Rossi, ex-Manchester United striker recalls. When he first arrived at Manchester United at the age of 17 in 2004.

Which, although having to move from the youth team of Parma in Italy. Which is the birthplace of parents But Rossi is enjoying a fresh start in his football field in northeast England. 17 years ago, the

American-born boy moved to United’s reserve team. It became an instant hit after winning the Jimmy Murphy Player of the Year (Young Player of the Year) and Denzil Haroun Researve Team Player of the Year (Reserve Team Player of the Year) awards within 2 C. The first time he came to the club

Simply put, in the first year, he received a young star award (2004/05), when he came to the reserve team, he received another player from the reserve team (2005/06).

The former Italy international made his professional football debut in November 2004 in a League Cup match against Crystal Palace. It’s going to be pretty But there are still some things that young Rossi need to adjust to early

on. The 34-year-old Giuseppe Rossi now explains a number of things in this episode of the UTD Podcast released. to listen through the Official App and other channels He revealed the story as follows.