Antonio Conte: World-class coach

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Tottenham Hotspur players look more alive with Antonio Conte replacing Nuno Espirito Santo.

Okay, we’re not going to talk about what Nuno did in training with the Spurs players. That makes many players do not run for him with 120 per cent dedication. But believes that it is probably from “tactics”, the defensive game that chicken players don’t like.

With Antonio Conte, if anyone can decide that he is the manager of the defensive game, let’s argue. Look at him. Chelsea and Inter Milan won both the Premier League and Italian Serie A titles, both the Blue Lion and Anaconda can play with both offensive and non-aggressive machines.

Under the 3-4-3 system he’s been working on all along. And of course he uses this system with Spurs as well. What we have seen clearly is that the feedback from the players seems to be happier in training. In just a week of working with Conte, he hailed the coach as “world class”.

Under three centre-backs tightened his back. Because when playing the game for “full-backs”, both Reguilon and Emerson Royal must come down to help 3 centre-backs, immediately becoming 5 defenders. Which Reguilon admits that he has never been. Play like this seriously. And it’s a huge challenge.

More importantly, Antonio Conte told him that his main task would be for Reguilon to help strengthen the defensive game first. By having to fall back as a defender of 5 people, but when there is a chance and timing, the Italian coach wants Reguilon to fill up high or even go in to shoot goals and assist in the penalty area often as well

That would have made Reguilon run twice as much, but he insisted that the harder training made all Spurs players look happy. Most importantly, everyone believes in Conte’s successful approach.

He sought advice from his former Real Madrid friend, Achraf Hakimi, whom Conte drew to Inter Milan before joining PSG this season.

Hakimi was instrumental in helping Inter Milan win the Serie A title in Italy. As a wing-back, he scored seven goals and provided eight assists through advice and training. Conte’s hard work, of course, Reguilon wants to be that good.

This is a manager who has an idea and is able to convey to the players how he wants his players to play, with Conte showing the Spikes players a video of him playing. Including when to receive what to do It made Kai feel very enthusiastic. Reguilon also felt. That there was too little time for one day to learn. What Conte had conveyed, which Conte and the Spurs players had video meetings. live too

Spurs have just arrived in charge, but we’ve seen them both in the 3-2 win over Vitesse in the Europa Conference League and the 0-0 draw with Everton. At Goodison Park in the Premier League, how much more are the roosters running than when Nuno was in charge?

Football is “brutal”, as Aunt Nuno really said. After being sacked by Spurs despite just four months in charge, Cats believe Spurs are right if Nuno is not the one to help Spurs forward. Why waste time?

The chicken in Antonio Conte’s hand is therefore considered an interesting team immediately. Will he make Harry Kane come back to fire like they did with Romelu Lukaku? Fans can wait a bit.

Sunday, November 21, Spurs will open their home against “Yungthong” Leeds United. We will see how much better Kai will be.